Handling Austin Texas in the fall.

How to handle Austin Texas

in the fall? 

As our team meets people from all over the country moving to Austin, often times we are asked about our seasons, and as of recently, that season is Fall. One of the biggest questions is, will Fall ever come, or does it stay hot forever?

It doesn't matter if you're from San Fransisco, New York, Colorado, Washington, or Nevada. Here in Austin, when it's hot, it's HOT. Naturally cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, denim jackets, and relief from desert like heat is on the brain. Thus the question is, when does it get cooler, and how cool does it get? 

After the August/Sept hot-apocalypse Normally there will be a beak in our heat spell, typically due to rain cooling down our warm Austin downtown streets. The cooler it gets, the more likely we can get rain in the inner city, thus causing temperatures to stabilize below 90 degrees. "Full disclosure, I'm sure there is some science out there on google I'm sure that could describe this a little better than I," but for for the mean time, I think you get the general point. That point being, rain cools, thus 100 Degree days go away! Yay!! Then as we creep into October, we'll on occasion see nights that drop to the 60's, but don't be surprised if the days jump up to the high eighties, low 90's once again. 

Then normally right around the time of year when daylight savings time occurs, is normally when we will have our first cold night! That's when you'll notice Austin neighborhood trees changing color. We here in Austin will normally start to rock our bigger jackets, scarves, even gloves at the first opportunity, so if you just moved into your new apartment here in the city and this seems weird, don't judge. ;) We here in Austin just thoroughly embrace anything less than 70 degrees!

By the way, if you're thinking about moving to a new apartment here in Austin, feel free to contact our free service of Apartment locators here in town. Whether you're a native or someone moving from a different city, we'll make sure our team has your back and guides to through the apartment hunting process! 



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