nervous about your first apartment?

How to shake the nerves about your first apartment!.

Nervous about your first apartment here in Austin? You're not alone! Nerves are usually expected, and good to a certain extent. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to moving into your new place, which of course makes it nerve-racking. That is where we step in. Our team here at PURE have the mission of helping people save money/time when moving into their cozy new apartment! We love to help the people of Austin find a place that inspires them creates comfort and brings joy! 

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to moving into your new place whether you'll be doing it solo or with a roomie. For some people, half of the pressure is lifted knowing they're not moving into a new place alone. Roommates can help with the cost and can be a fun new adventure with a friend. Not the case for everyone though, Some people love the idea of total independence and the freedom that comes with living alone! There are pros and cons to every option. We definitely suggest finding out which option yo'du prefer before you start the moving processes. 

Another little tip to help you get through the process with more ease would be to pre-budget everything you can. Even if it is a rough estimate, an idea of roughly what your bills would like monthly is better than going in blind. The financial component of moving into your own place is the biggest worry people tend to have. Whatever your budget may be, calculating the cost of not only your rent, water, and electric fees, but also your internet, grocery, gas, etc. From there, it will be easier to navigate what type of budget you can withhold for rent. 


It's also wise to start pre-buying items that you will the closer you get to your move-in date. Buying items as you go helps with cost and organization. You don’t want to move into your next apartment to then realize that you don’t have enough funds for dishes, towels, or even toilet paper!

It is equally important as a first-time renter to make sure your surroundings meet your needs also! Maybe you request to be located near work, grocery stores, public transportation, trails, downtown, etc. The list goes on and on. We definitely suggest communicating this with your agent just be sure you're starting your apartment search off on the right foot!

Lastly, enjoy the process! Moving is fun and exciting! Especially when it's your first place! In a city like Austin, there is an apartment for everyone. Whether that be East Austin with all the fun coffee shops, West Austin with views of the beautiful lake, North Austin near the Domain with all the best shopping, etc.

Just imagine, out there hiding somewhere,  there is a place meant for you! Just shoot us a DM or Text to connect with PURE and let's to help you find it!



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