3 Tips To Get those

Romantic Apartment Vibes.

Austin, Valentines Day is just around the corner! It’s time to get your apartment ready! Maybe you plan on staying in this Valentine's day since Austin restaurants will probably be crazy busy? Even if you plan on going out, you can still make your apartment cozy for when you get back! We have three tips to help make that happen!

First, it’s all about the lighting baby! Get yourself some aromatherapy going on! Make your #candlegame strong Austin! Not only does everyone love a pleasant scent to help feel relaxed, but the mood is calm, romantic, and tranquil which is the ultimate bonus! We recommend having a hyper-romantic candlelit night (but totally be safe and avoid any fire. Pretty please!) To do, your defiantly going to need more than just one candle. Also, switch the candles up from candlesticks, tea lights, fill candles, etc. A variety of different candles in your apartment can look super cool for different areas of your place! However, I would only use 1 or 2 scented candles that way your apartment isn’t overly sweet with a combo of different scents!

The second tip, bring your bedroom to your living room! Oh ya, we’re talking about going all out and making a fort! Forts are intimate, cozy, and straight up fun! Before doing so, make sure to enjoy the process of being a kid again and building something just for the heck of it! (Protip, there are a lot of really cool tutorials on Youtube to help your fort building skills.) Bring the fort into full effect and bust out the laptop for some romcom entertainment, snacks on snacks on snacks, and fluffy sheets! Dinner and a movie done right, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do so!

The third and final tip, add your personal touch to the place! For example, maybe you have a lot of pictures that showcase a lot of memories you’ve had with someone, print them all out and place them strategically throughout your apartment. Or maybe your really into decorating with hearts, banners, and streamers! Whatever “your touch” is, do it! Regardless of what you do, it will be special because it will be your own unique addition to your places esthetic!

The most important thing to remember is regardless if your spending this Valentines Day with a special someone, or going solo and fabulous, you can still enjoy all of these things either way! Hope you all have a fabulous Valentines day and we love you all!




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