Where it all Began.


PURE Apartment locating was created by
2 native Austinites.

 Elliot James and Dalton Tracee, for the sole reason of making the apartment hunting process in Austin Texas as stress-free as possible. Pure not only shoots to help clients save massive amounts of money, sometimes thousands of dollars, but Pure also loves showing off their deep love for Austin and all the fun things to do. As Elliot put’s it; Pure’s goal isn’t just to locate a place to live. Pure wants to help each client find an apartment that will enhance their lifestyle, no matter what area of Austin they're interested in, or what budget they are on.  

Elliot James and Dalton Tracee who have spent 8 years in East Austin remodeling homes that have dated back to the early 1930’s have always found peace in creating surroundings that will enhance one's lifestyle. In a city that is currently going through a revolutionary-type birth of local businesses emerging, makers and craftsmen taking root, Pure Apartment Locating seems to be the local go-to agency for finding your next Apartment and also quite possibly guide you to your next favorite craft cocktail bar! 

5 years in the making, Pure Apartment Locating has established themselves as the local apartment hunting gurus by educating and helping anyone from the Austin connoisseurs to the creators find their perfect place here in Austin, and helping them land the best price. 


Dalton Tracee puts the Apartment hunting
Process like this; 

"Finding a place to live in Austin is like finding your own slice of magic. Each area or community will not only affect the next 12 months of your life, but it will also help sculpt it. Whether you're on a budget trying to save the most cash possible so you may experience all the local speak easy’s, or you want to live within minutes to your favorite Farmers Market, there is always something for someone. We just hope to be the folks to help you find it!