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Seriously, don't hunt for an apartment alone in Austin!
PURE can help you save BIG when searching
for a new apartment, sometimes even thousands of dollars! 
Plus our Service is 100% FREE!

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The Problem with Searching alone…


When searching alone, you leave yourself open to “trusting.” Trusting that you're getting the best bang for your buck. Trusting that the traffic won’t be “that bad.” Trusting that the prices or listings you see online are actually real “which shouldn’t be asking for too much." Searching alone can leave yourself open to the unknown, even if you’re an Austin native. Having an apartment locator isn’t ONLY about saving a ton of time & money. It’s about weighing your options and doing it with grace & ease. 

& The Solution

Pure Apartment Locating’s team was founded by two native Austinites, who desperately want to see the people of Austin, both new and old, find epic places to live.  Pure strives to make the apartment shopping process as seamless as streaming Stranger Things.. for the 3rd time.  For us here at Pure, apartment locating is about educating folks on the cities inventory, the different neighborhoods, ways to avoid traffic “when possible,” helping secure any 24-hour rent specials, all while landing the coolest flats, town homes, or lofts in Austin. Oh yeah, and if we help some folks save a hell of a lot of money, well that's just icing on the cake!

#BTW, if you know someone who’s looking for a new place Click here. We are always happy to help a friend!



Helping Save you more than just money.


Explore All of Austin's
Beautiful Neighborhoods! 

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What is not to Love about Austin, Texas.