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The lower Eastside recently has been undergoing a recent rebirth (so to speak), and you can feel it everywhere you turn. New bike lanes, parks, and hang out spots seem to be popping up everywhere. Recently these “essential” Austin improvements that have turned this corridor into a  great area that has stayed competitively affordable considering it is only a few minutes to Downtown Austin. Recently the Townlake boardwalk, linking West Austin to East Austin has been a popular place for cycling, running, and taking in nature. It is especially scenic during the day, and it is a great place to sit on a bench and immerse yourself in a book, or just enjoy the views of the Lake and the high rises in the distance. It runs along the length of Lady Bird Lake and at night is a romantic place to wander down with lit hand rails and the Austin skyline reflecting in the waters of the lake.


Shopping & Lifestyle

South Shore has added a huge dash of Austin Culture to the Lower East Side neighborhood.  A few of the live music venues have relocated or added additional locations on the east side. Among those is long time music venue Emo’s, which was officially added to the east side a few years back! Emo’s East, a live music venue located off East Riverside drive has remained here in Austin since its early days when first established in the Red River Music District that dominated Austin in the early 90’s. This relatively new venue continues to encourage and support authentic live music which is a scene that attracts many enthusiasts. With state-of-the-art sound equipment and great lighting, live music concerts in the Eastside have never been better.


Dining & Drinking

As the South Shore Riverside area quickly transforms right in front of our eyes, veggie burger spots and Mezcal margaritas can be found up and down the newest editions outside the boardwalk. Jackalope East is one of these west side restaurants that have jumped ship to come running over to East Austin. In the late hours of the night, as people rush back to their flats just before retiring for the evening, you can catch the scent of food trucks which are scattered through out the area for that last minute late night treat! 


Apartments & Accessability  

An extraordinary place to live for exploring Austin. One of the lower east sides “claim to fame” is how close it is to downtown. Hopping over the lake gets you to some of the best places to hang out in Austin. I think all of Austin is so grateful now that Uber is back in town so blasting downtown is no longer a problem, but as a secondary option, the public transportation in this area is phenomenal.  

Renovations have been very popular in this neighborhood as the demand from millennials grows for apartment communities to add things like dog parks, wood flooring, and stainless eco-friendly appliances. Traditionally styled apartments are also an excellent choice to the budget conscious resident. If you are looking for a place to get a great bang for your buck while being near all the action, look no further!


Featured Lower EastSide Apartments

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1/1 - $1295 - 1 Month FREE!   Austin, Texas 78741  840 square feet

1/1 - $1295 - 1 Month FREE!

Austin, Texas 78741

840 square feet

2/2 - $2105 - App Fee Waived   Austin, Texas 78741  1110 square feet

2/2 - $2105 - App Fee Waived

Austin, Texas 78741

1110 square feet

1/1 - $1025 - Half off Admin Fee    Austin, Texas 78741  516 square feet

1/1 - $1025 - Half off Admin Fee

Austin, Texas 78741

516 square feet