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Rebecca Anderson


I love the robust evolution of Austin. It’s absolutely  fascinating to see the transition it has made in such a short time from a small town to now a major hub and THE place to be. This town being so accepting  and still is managing to hold onto that laid back vibe that it is  known for and the people it attracts are really what makes it great. I love seeing people bring their own skill set to the table and making everything come together to create something beautiful  .  I love all the outdoor spots , great patios, all things local and yoga on roof tops. Can’t forget my love for the greenbelt and how recycling is so important here these things are    high up on my list of favorite things. Each spot in this amazing city from south to north holds  its own little gem that being a native Austinite i love  to share with our clients who are just as unique as this city. As a lover of stories it never gets old hearing how everyone ended up here and helping them find the perfect spot to call home.

Josh Gray

Agent, Artist

Born and raised in a small town, southern hospitality flows deep within my veins. From a young age I was a helper and facilitator and little did I know until later in life the reason why that was the case: Helping others succeed is to me the greatest source of happiness. To me there is no greater joy than helping another achieve something, whether it's finding you the perfect apartment or helping someone achieve a personal goal, I am born to serve. On the other hand, it's my creativity that fuels me. I try to embody anything I do with a humble sense of creativity and artistry, and in doing so it's my goal to make whatever I put my name on a masterpiece. In my free time you'll find me running at ladybird lake, splashing around in the greenbelt, or eating sweets in a bakery near you. Also an avid baker and artist, it's not uncommon to find me baking cookies on a whim or sketching at a local coffeeshop. Above all it's my goal to find my clients the perfect match and who knows, you might just get some fresh baked cookies out of it too


Rebecca Renna Agent

Josh Gray Agent


DALTON TRACEE Co-Founder, Agent

ELLIOT JAMES Founder, Broker

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