Moving To Austin

PURE simplifies the relocation process for teams individuals.

When moving to another apartment, let alone another city, the search can be overwhelming. Our team recognizes the hurdles of finding excellent apartments at great prices, coupled with the struggles of getting the details you need to make the best decision. Due to pricing, availability and rent specials changing daily in the Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio markets, PURE was created to solve those problems with an entirely new hands-on approach to apartment hunting.


Here at PURE Apartment Locating, our team of Apartment Locators are experts in the apartment leasing market. We have developed a systematic approach to helping individuals and organizations, large and small, find precisely what they are looking for in any major city in Texas. Best of all, our service is 100% FREE!


Benefits for teams and individuals

When relying on data from Google, apartment websites, or 3rd party listing companies, the problem is that most of that information may not be up to date. When using PURE Apartment Locating to represent you on your apartment search, we'll do the heavy lifting to make sure we have the most up to date information. Once we discuss your needs, we'll contact each apartment directly to gather the data you need to make the best possible decision.

You will have a dedicated team you can call upon any time assisting you with your search - from the initial phone call, right down to the moment you sign your lease. We ask the tough questions to the apartment communities to make sure you can be completely confident when finalizing your lease contract.


Last but not least, whether the individual or company is paying for moving costs, those hidden fees can add up fast. Our goal is to do the necessary homework discover any and all fees associated with your move, along with strategizing to keep those move in costs as low as possible. 

PURE's Value to You:

-Custom tailored search for any major city in Texas - Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio along with their surrounding areas

-Coaching through individual neighborhood dynamics and offerings

-Helping clients understand the pricing of units and understanding good value apartments based on desired neighborhoods 

-Gathering up to date info on pricing and availability (since those change daily) by directly communicating with the apartment communities  

-Walking client through extra fees from individual apartment communities  (and how to avoid some of those fees) 

-Gathering data on Look& Lease Specials, Agent Specials, and anything else that will save you and your team money.

-Sending photos and videos of each property to our clients who can't tour in person

-Communicating policy and rules of each property and management company

-Working with communities directly to help you get your ideal move-in date to avoid overpaying for holding fees

-Strategies to help save on upfront costs at move in

-Guiding through the application and approval process


How are we free?

It won't cost you a dime when you or your team chooses to work with PURE (seriously). We will provide you with tailored solutions, coaching, and counsel throughout the entire apartment searching process, and offer the resources you need to make the best decision possible. In return, all we ask from our clients is that they include our agency, PURE Apartment Locating on their application as the referral source. That gives the PURE team credit and keeps our service 100% free for you.

It's really that easy!

Getting started

To get started working with one of our agents, please fill out the relocation form linked at the bottom of this page.
Then, one of our agents will reach out to you same-day to discuss the specifics of your move whether it's just for you or your entire team.

How soon can you start searching?

You can reach out to us as soon as you're ready to start planning your move! The sooner you do, the better we're able to plan the best relocation strategy for you or your team. Just know, we won't know exactly what's available until we're within 60 days of your move-in date. Reason being, current tenants at apartment complexes throughout Texas' major cities aren't required to give more than a 60-day vacancy notice. But once again, the sooner you connect with us, the sooner we can start putting your relocation plan into place.

Neighborhoods & Styles

Every neighborhood within Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio is unique. Each area of town offers a different feel, and also different styles of apartments. Square footage, price, walkability, amenities, and so on all differ in one way or another. We want to learn about what is important to you in your next apartment. Where will you be working, how will you be commuting, what features and budget will you be needing?  These are just some of the things that we'll be asking when we chat to help you discover the absolute best place for you to call home.